How to make your old wardrobe in style again

How to make your old wardrobe in style again Source: Mom Central

If you are thinking of spring cleaning your wardrobe and trashing many pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn for ages, hold on! You could turn those oldies into new goldies that might just turn into your favorite outfits!

JEANS  If you have an old pair of jeans that are too faded to be worn outside your front door, consider dyeing them navy blue or black and make it anew! You could also cut off an inch from the bottom and sew in a pretty piece of black or white lace. Worse comes to worse, you can always convert those oldies into a new pair of jean short-shorts!

PURSE  Every girl would love a new purse for every season. If you have an old one lying around, you could add embellishments or get a new fabric hot-glued along the handle. Add a little bling!

SHOES  If you have seen the movie “P.S. I Love You”, did you notice how Hilary Swank stumbles upon a shoe-making idea by basically hot gluing large buckles or buttons onto plain black shoes? Well, you could do that too!

SWEATERS  Who doesn’t have a dozen sweaters in their wardrobe? Well, if you are sick of wearing some of the baggy ones, you could resize them into some form-fitting ones! Make them hug your body and give them a new life! You could also consider embellishing them on the top shoulder corners just to give them a new lease on life.

SCARVES  These are a ‘must have’ in every wardrobe, but after a while you tend to get bored with the color or the design. Try dyeing them! Make them new again. Twist 2 scarves of contrasting colors and wear them as one. Big, bulky scarves are all the rage!


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