Dressbarn’s new model, Hilary Rhoda

Dressbarn’s new model, Hilary Rhoda Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

The fashion industry is forever changing. Dressbarn is one of the brands that wanted to create something different, and to present a new approach to style and clothing. They are well-known for their controversial advertisements, as well as the fact that they use animals for their photo shoots.

This year, Hilary Rhoda is their primary model, and she is doing a great job in giving their clothes life. Hilary is an American model who has worked with famous brands all over the world, not only for clothes but also cosmetics.

Hilary was from a very young age an active person. She was a ballet dancer for 11 years, she played tennis and she tried her luck with swimming. When she was only a teenager, she was discovered in Washington D.C, and soon she signed a contract with Women Model Management.

She has gained a terrific reputation and she has appeared in advertisements for D&G, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and many other famous names. In 2013, she was in the 6th position of the top of world’s highest paid models named by Forbes Magazine.

Just last year, Hilary married Sean Avery, a former hockey player, but this has not slowed her career in any way. Actually she is not more active than ever before, and she is trying to give a new face to the fashion industry. There is no advertisement that is too daring for Hilary, and she is always ready for a challenge.




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