Do distressed jeans look stylish or just old?

Do distressed jeans look stylish or just old? Source: Gray Monroe

When concerned about fashion, one must try to keep up with the currents trends while also adhering to your own personal style.  A current trend on the jeans circuit is ‘distressed jeans’. Does this look appear to others as stylish or as old?  Can distressed jeans fall under the ‘vintage’ category and remain timeless?  Whether you like distressed jeans or not, this style will remain a trend for some time.

To remain stylish, one does not need to be incredibly wealthy.  If you would like to have a stylish flair to your next pair of jeans, you might like to distress a pair of your jeans already in your closet.  Choose the pair of jeans and add a jean dye if necessary to change the overall color.  To have jeans that appear ripped, distress the jeans before cutting holes using an exacto knife or small scissors.  Prep the jeans for cutting by first rubbing sandpaper on the jeans.  If sandpaper is not strong enough to distress your jeans, you may find a paint removing block, steel wool, or a pumice stone to roughen up the jean for an authentic distressed look.

Distressed jeans are ones that are faded, torn, and with many holes.  Is this how jeans are intended to appear?  They look old, therefore, vintage.  Jeans with a vintage look can be stylish without appearing to be old, especially if the fit well.  Distressed jeans can be worn just about anywhere while being dressed up or down, depending upon the event. 

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