Celebrities make PJs become street wear

Celebrities make PJs become street wear Source: Wikimedia

Trends come and go. Some of them are crazier than others. It is celebrities who usually set the trends and the rest of the mortals follow. Now, pajamas have never really been a trend since nobody really sees you in them, at least not during the day. Well, believe it or not, this has been a trend developing for two years and more adults started to be seen during the day in stylish PJs.

The trend, started by celebrities, was first seen on catwalk fashion shows of Chanel and Stella McCarty. Celebrity fans of this trend include Rihanna, Millie Mackintosh, Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton, Rita Ora, Russell Brand, and Colin Farrell.

In 2014, Debenhams reported a 34 % increase in their pyjamas sales. PJs were renamed “loungewear” as they transitioned from bedtime into the daylight. “The summer of 2014 will be remembered as the year of 'Sleepwear and the City”, a spokes person for Debenhams said.

She added: “Our designer sleepwear has seen the biggest sales increase with colorful floral prints proving most popular - as nightwear becomes more trendy, many shoppers see it as a shame to resign it solely to the bedroom.”

Today, celebrities enjoy being seen wearing fashionable pajamas. People just love the light fabric which adds to their comfort of wearing. Designers have discovered that pajamas are versatile in design and can be adjusted to become a fashionable trend.

Pajamas provide a high-fashion look that is preferred at social gatherings and formal affairs. They are a trend that starting to break out of the extraordinary to become a normal thing. 

There are countless celebrities who can now be seen in the daylight with fashionable pajamas establishing and cementing a trend that is very likely to surprise us – maybe coming soon to the office and courtrooms.


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