What is fashion all about?

What is fashion all about? Source: Lakeside Blog

There are many people who don’t understand fashion. Some designer pieces look just strange, and where is the fun in searching for a nice skirt for a week? It’s much easier to count on your basic pieces and to update them with accessories. Here is what fashion is all about:

  • Your personality. It might seem silly to say this, since fashion seems so superficial, but it is the truth. You can communicate with others; express your preferences and way of life and even your mood for the day with only one piece of clothing. When you are not in the mood to talk much, a hoodie and some sun glasses will do the talking for you.
  • Difficult times. There are moments when you need a new hairstyle and a new look. It represents a new you, a way of saying “Goodbye” to your fears and embracing what is yet to come. Did you ever see a woman with bright pink hair? Then you saw how confident she looks, how naturally she embraces herself and what she wants to be. Try to change your style for a day and you will notice the difference.
  • Social revolutions. Every small revolution starts from something; one hundred years ago, it was absolutely prohibited for a woman to wear a swimsuit that would reveal her knees. Nowadays, bikinis are normal and accepted. When you wear a piece of clothing like a bikini or a mini skirt, you represent the struggle of the women before you and how they fought to gain rights over their own body. Dying your hair? Oh please, a while ago this could put you in jail, but not anymore. Fashion is more than some expensive pieces of material; it represents our battles, our dreams and our wishes.

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