Wearing High Heels Can Lead To Some Amount Of Discomfort While It Makes You Look Smart

Wearing High Heels Can Lead To Some Amount Of Discomfort While It Makes You Look Smart

You are quite likely to develop Morton's neuroma if you are fond of wearing high heels. It is certainly not very pleasant for it can lead to some pain. A piercing pain is usually felt in the toes, accompanied by an amount of numbness  around the second and third toes, but the numbness vanishes as soon as the root cause of the situation----the high heels shoes you are wearing are taken off. Massaging th foot is also known to cause some relief. A study conducted in the US shows that symptoms of this disorder have gone up in the past decade.

Using shoes with high heels requires a bit of technique and trick. You need to be adept to some situations to deal with high heels. You should aim for some smaller steps than you usually take when you are in shoes with high heels. High heels tend to make small steps. Never try to counter the situation by taking large steps. Be comfortable with the strides you are comfortable with and don't be lured into the trick of taking large steps.

Maintain a regular way of walking when you use high heels. The heels should be placed on the ground first and foremost followed by the toes. Transfer your weight to your other feet, and take the next step.

Maintaining a good and elegant posture while walking in heels is half the trick done. A gait that has you shuffling along in your high heels is going to make you look uncomfortable and clumsy in your high heels. You must look comfortable and be confident of where you are going and what you are doing. Hold your head straight in a right angle with your spine and maintain your chin at a parallel with the floor.



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