Long haircuts with bangs

Long haircuts with bangs

A little fringe is the best compliment for your hair. If you have a long haircut, it can complement it even better. If you don’t want to change your look completely, bangs are the perfect solution for you. Straight across or lovely side will highlight your features. The best side is, there are many of hairstyles you can try.

Super straight is a trendy, modern look that will make many people look at you the whole night. Also, it is very easy to style. You will have to:
1.    Apply a smoothing serum. Your hair must be wet.
2.    Smooth your hair and your fringe with a round brush.
3.    If you can or you must, you can use a flat-iron to straight your hair even more.
4.    The last step is to apply a shine spray. Apply it only to the ends.

Women with any hair texture can try this haircut. Also, women with naturally curly or wavy hair will have to spend more time straightening their hair. This hairstyle suit best on women with round face shape. The best shine spray is Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy.

Forever flowy is a sweet and soft hairstyle. It is also very romantic, so if you are dating, this is the best choice.
1.    Use curling iron (1 1/4) curling iron. Your hair must be dry. 
2.    In order to style your fringe, use a round brush.
3.    Separate curls with your fingers.
4.    Apply light hold finishing spray.
This hairstyle suits best on women with square face shapes. Also, women with fine hair should try it. The curling iron, made by Hot Tools is the recommended product.


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