Hairstyles for women with long, brown hair

Hairstyles for women with long, brown hair

Women with brown hair can change their locks without cutting it. If you want to keep the length of your hair, here are several, interesting hairstyles. Maybe you don’t like them, but they can give you an idea for some you will like.

Va Va Volume is the best hairstyle for women with dark, rich brown hair. This haircut with a soft glow should be paired with nice texture. You will be noticed with Va va volume. The back brushing, after you curled hair is the secret. Women with light or medium skin tone will look amazing with this haircut. If you like it, but you don’t have the length, think about extensions. They will give you length and fullness. You can dye extensions in custom color so they will match your own hair. This will be a secret.

Sophisticated Style is an interesting and fun hairstyle. It offers you subtle highlights f brown (lighter) and soft red.  This is a rich hue, so it suites best on women with light to medium skin tone. The best starting point is a medium to light brown hair. Be careful when you add the soft red and lighter your highlights. In this case, less is more. Use a hot rollers to create simple waves. They are easy to make and they look very nice. Work in 2 inch sections. Roll your hair around the rollers and secure it. Remember to keep volume on top to a minimum. Shake curls with your fingers and use a brush to smooth it. The possibilities are endless with this hairstyle.


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