Beach Waves without Electricity|

Beach Waves without Electricity|

The current trend is the beach waves and the messy out of the bed look. You can achieve that sultry appearance without using the damaging curling iron that can gives you perfect curls but also spoil the quality of your hair in the long run. However, no need to inflict any harm to get the sexy latest look. You can do that with simple props at home and be ready to rock any party scene with beautiful natural waves.

Wet your Hair and pat dry
You can wash your hair and then use a towel to dry the excess water. However, some people may get better results when they washed their hair some days back and have natural oils on their scalp that gives them a tousled look. However, if you just shampooed, you can use the curling cream to grease your hair a bit.

Part your hair into 2 sections
When you part your hair at the middle like you do it in a pigtail around the nape, twist them gently and secure it with a rubber band. Divide it into 4 sections if you have thick and voluminous hair. Clip the hair on top of your head and use pins to keep them in place.

Allow to dry completely
Now let the hair dry naturally and if possible, leave them overnight for the style to set. Now undo the twist and run your fingers through the hair to give them some body. Apply the hair spray to make sure that the waves stay in place all day long. You can also the follow the same procedure by braiding your hair and getting the same look.

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