What is the Problem with Starbucks’ New Dress Code?

What is the Problem with Starbucks’ New Dress Code? Source: Fortune

Many have been talking about Starbucks lately because of its newly released dress code. This type of clothing encourages Starbucks' employees to choose an ensemble that best describes their personality. The staff is now allowed to wear cuffed jeans, selvedge denim, or saggy beanies. They can be accessorized with a neckerchief if they want. Starbucks has expressed approval even to those who wish to wear flat caps and visors.

A few months ago, Starbucks employees were only seen wearing either black or khaki pants and black or white shirts. Employees were not permitted to have dyed hair. To these employees' delight, they can now have their hair styled in any way they please.

Starbucks’ new dress code is any clothing that expresses the coffee shop worker's personality beneath a green apron. But the problem with the Starbucks’ new dress code is how the term ‘any’ is defined. Unfortunately, this refers to ‘any’ clothing that is not included in the restricted choices. Yes, there are still some restrictions to Starbucks’ new dress code, such as brightly colored shirts, certain patterns, hoodies, logo-laden shirts, and deep V-necks.

While this matter cannot directly affect the customers, it might be that the Starbucks’s employees find irony with the company’s new dress code. It’s a bit confusing how these individuals are allowed to express themselves provided that they do not cross the line of what is actually permitted.   

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