What fashion means to you

What fashion means to you

Fashion is a very subjective term and varies from person to person. Somebody's best buy can be a fashion faux pas in your eyes. There is no standard or right and wrong in fashion as long as the overall appearance turns out to be pleasing.

Response from a college student can be quoted as "fashion is to be well dressed all the time. It needs to be a part of you. Whether you r going to the next door shop or a college gathering you need to look good and feel your best all the time".

People from glamorous aviation industry have respond to fashion sense like "make up is to enhance your beauty and not the end all, we use make up on a daily basis and if you trust me I feel more beautiful without it. According to me fashion sense is about the minimum that can make me look the best!!"

Opinion on fashion from a doctor can be summed up as "fashion is what I feel comfortable in. I cannot always be conscious about what I wear and how to carry so it needs to be easy and stylish at the same time. My fashion totally depends on the weather and climate I’m working in. Similar response from a young teacher says “comfort is my major criteria as I’ve to carry it all day long. My job involves a lot of standing throughout the day so my fashion investment is towards comfortable yet stylish pair of footwear. Moreover I even have to dress a way that I can command respect and show authority so the students do not take me casually.”


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