The Footwear to Make You Look Taller

The Footwear to Make You Look Taller

While some people are born tall, some have to make use of the supplements and accessories to appear taller. Unfortunately, our height is inescapably tied to our sense of self-esteem and ego. The taller people are considered better than those who are short-height. As long as this mindset is not changed, we can use some footwear items to look taller than we are.

For men, the best option to add a few inches to your height is by wearing the elevator shoes. Well, it goes without saying that these shoes have thicker soles which contribute significantly to the height of the person wearing them. These shoes are available in many different materials including rubber and leather. The best part about these shoes is that they are quite snug and do not make you feel awkward while walking. Also, they increase your height discreetly without giving an indication to the others that you have made an extra effort for it. 

For women, there are far more options than there are for men. There are plenty of shoes, sandals, and other types of footwear available abundantly in the market which can instantly lend a few inches to their height. If you really want to look taller than you are, then you can go for the stilettos. Featuring a tapering heel, this footwear can add more than 8 inches to your height. Well, this might sound really cool but don’t forget that such high heels may not do much good to your foot and overall body posture if worn continuously. Women can also go for heeled wedges, sandals, ballerinas, and gladiators. 


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