Stripes this Summer - Fashion Trend 2015

Stripes this Summer - Fashion Trend 2015

Stripes remain as one of the staple prints in everybody’s wardrobe. It is however the hottest trend in Spring and Summer collection of 2015. As much as you would love to wear your regular classic striped clothes, you can still wear some of the seasoned stripes in a fun way these summers using neon or pastel colors.

The beauty of wearing stripes is not just limited to the fact that it adds vertical length to a silhouette. It also makes a body look lean and trim. There’s a variety of stripes to be seen this season - irregular strokes in single or multicolored pattern, or just monochrome lines. If you love wearing clothes that has vertical or horizontal lines, then this your time for celebrating your love for stripes!

Go ahead and get inspired. Add stripes in your clothes, accessories or just about anything. This time, stripes is pure deal! Don’t forget to have fun.


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