Kim Kardashian’s Naked Dress Can Be “Normal” Work Clothing, Fashion Experts States

Kim Kardashian’s Naked Dress Can Be “Normal” Work Clothing, Fashion Experts States

Fashion experts are stating that Kim K’s naked dress which turned many heads due to the fact that it appears almost nude in public may come to be known as “normal” women’s clothing.

Kim Kardashian see through dress brought again the topic of such as dress and in this case many people argued that the average American woman would not consider wearing such as dress.

That said the aspect of naked dress is not something new especially in Hollywood. In fact a well known an talked about naked case dress happened back in 1962 when Marilyn Monroe opted to sing a happy birthday song to then President of the United States, John Kennedy, while wearing an outfit which some believed showed of way to much skin. Nowadays there is an increase in the number of models as well as stars who are making appearance at certain events wearing near naked dress. For Instance, Rihanna surprised many last year when he turned up for a fashion award event with a dress which left most of her body open. Other stars such as Miley and Lady Gaga have also pulled of such stunts.

That said many still believe that this is something that the average American woman can wear and according to The Independent, . “The key is adapting it to suit your lifestyle. You could wear a body under a sheer blouse to provide more coverage for work. Invisible lingerie allows the clothes to do the talking, while bright colors and neon make a feature out of your underwear for a night out. We wouldn’t recommend going for a sheer bra under a see-through top though.”


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