Can Bermuda shorts be stylish?

Can Bermuda shorts be stylish? Source: Google

Bermuda shorts were considered very stylish and fashionable a few years ago. Nowadays, these shorts are also coming back into fashion because of luxurious materials. To have your shorts have a stylish look completely depends upon what you wear on top. A long shirt will definitely look frumpy. Try a skinny top paired with an open shirt that hits the hip-line and is the same colour as the top or the same colour as the shorts. You need to try different combinations to see what looks good on you and your body shape. 

To make Bermuda shorts look stylish, it is important to choose the right footwear. Sandals look the best. Crocs are not fashionable at the best of times, but they are a no-no with shorts, especially Bermuda shorts. If you are wearing them for a sporting occasion, e.g. golf, hiking, boating, or biking, then running shoes can look presentable – just make sure your socks aren’t roll-down or mid-shin.

Bermuda shorts are available in different styles, colours and materials so that you can wear them to suit almost any occasion:  weekender Bermuda shorts, athletic Bermuda shorts, working Bermuda shorts. Most of them will be wash-n-wear. Bermuda shorts can be fashionable. You just have take care to pair them with the appropriate top and shoes.

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