3 ways to style your dress shirt

3 ways to style your dress shirt

Dress shirts can be really pretty if they are styled appropriately. Without proper styling, you may end up looking too formal, which will be a buzz kill for the look you were going for. So, if you have a bunch of dress shirts, then follow these 3 super fun ways to easily manage these to look best on you. 

Pick feminine colors
A white dress shirt would be a staple, but it can be overly boring and bland. Always pick pretty colors that show off your feminine side such as lavender, peach, pastel blues etc.

Go for details
While dressing up, you should pay attention to the details such as pleats, waist, ruffles and neck design. Also, you can wear a bright colored camisole inside, and leave the buttons open.

Pick accessories
A dress shirt is more like a blank canvas, you can stylize any way you want. For starters, you can opt for wide belts or scarves. Gradually you can choose jewelry such as chandelier earrings, a statement necklace or an oversized clutch.


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