The dangers of eyelash extensions

The dangers of eyelash extensions Source: House of Wellness

For many women, eyelashes are a very important and they struggle to take care of them as well as they can. They use mascara, growth treatments and in the last years, eyelash extensions. This is a great alternative to regular fake eyelashes, as you don’t have to care for them every day or be afraid of them falling off. As amazing as they may be, they also have disadvantages and they can actually be dangerous.

  • Your own eyelashes can fall out. The extensions are applied using special glue and the lashes are glued directly to your natural lashes. It is normal for your natural lashes to fall out and then re-grow, but this happens gradually. However, bad glue or sensitive skin can make your eyelashes fall out all at once. They will grow back in a few weeks, but it’s still not a good thing to happen.
  • You can get an infection. This is very common. The extensions are basically small hairs attached to your own lashes and they will catch dirt and bacteria. There is a strict ritual that you have to follow to clean your extensions every day; otherwise you can end up in the ophthalmologist’s office.
  • You can lose your eyesight. An infection caused by eyelash extensions can easily affect your eyesight if left untreated. Daily cleaning is essential.
  •  You can get an allergy. Allergies are not fun in general, but it’s even worse if you become allergic to the extensions or the glue. The only solution is to have them removed.

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