Discover The Power Of Colors When It Comes To Using Lipsticks Over The Lips

Discover The Power Of Colors When It Comes To Using Lipsticks Over The Lips

Lipsticks are known for their potentials to add a certain amount of freshness to the wearer.  Women use it to make their lips appear red or of a similar hue. It has become a way of life for most women around the world. Some cultures restrict the use of lipsticks only to adults, and their use by teenagers and adolescents is seen as a way of passage into the adult world. But the moisture of oils, waxes and pigments does work miracles on a woman's looks.

Women from the Mesopotamian civilization were the first to use them. Some semi-precious jewels were crushed up and applied on the lips as lipstick. Egyptian women are known to use an application of a plant fucin to color their lips. Fucin is a poisonous plant, and its use resulted in grave conditions. The phrase 'kiss of death' probably owes its origin to those times.

Down the annals of time, in the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I was known to have made using lipstick a fashion by wearing it quite often in public. Lipsticks were typically made of beeswax and plant stains at that time.

IN the 19th century, using lipstick was believed to be associated with the lower class and vulgar women. This was the time when French fashion took up the idea of lipsticks, and with the boom in media and technology, the trend spread across other countries of Europe too. Gradually, the fashion spread all over the world, and today, hundreds of ladies and young girls use lipsticks everyday.


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