Constructive Measures Used By Europeans for Skin

Constructive Measures Used By Europeans for Skin

Beneficial and constructive skin care measures have been used by European countries to maintain a healthy skin.

  • They believe in continuously keeping their skin moisturized, hence depend on great use of moisturisers with a high glycerine content. Honey application is also preferred for skin rejuvenation.
  • They never forget a cold water splash before going to sleep, which aids the blood circulation on the face and ultimately offers a beauty sleep in the night by avoiding the skin from looking weary in the morning. Drinking plenty of water is their primary resolve, as they very well know the skin needs hydration to resists the cold and dry weather.
  • They also like to detoxify the skin by modern steam and sauna programs, so that it cleanses the skin by removing the oil and impurities through perspiration route. Scrubbing and exfoliating with sugar and olive oil is a natural technique they use to remove the dead skin. This shows that many of these people try to avoid chemicals as far as possible.
  • They make a very good use of rum for skin care by mixing it with cinnamon, sesame oil and keeping it soaked for a couple hours. 2-3 drops of this mixture is then added to the bath water everyday  which results in refreshed skin condition.
  • Wine is  made from the fermented European dark grape varieties. A radiant skin quality can be expected with the antioxidants present in this wine available in red, blue colour, etc depending on the colour of the grapes. This is a very common drink savoured for its health benefits in Europe.


Thus, there is no single day break to the skin care regime which makes the European skin care secrets most coveted to all the beauty lovers.


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