Cleaning your skin

Cleaning your skin

Clean skin is really important when it comes to skin care, and even though most of us take care of it, there are some mistakes you can make while doing it.
It is not all about cleaning, if you are not doing it properly, so we will give you some tips on how to clean your skin better.

If you wear a makeup, doesn’t matter if it’s heavy or not, it is not enough just to wash your face with water and soap. You need to use something that will take off your makeup.
You can buy different cosmetic products that will help you to remove your makeup, and this is important especially if you have delicate skin. If it is too expensive for you, you can use makeup remover tissues. Skin around your eyes is really sensitive, so you have to be careful about that area.
Also don’t use too hot water to wash your face. It will dry your skin and damage it, so the best solution is to use lukewarm water.

Not every product for skin is good for you, so before start using any, you need to find out what is the type of your skin, and then buy a proper product.
Dry your skin with a towel, just make sure that you are not doing it too rough. So after you wash your face, take a towel and gently dry your skin.

Also do not apply a cream if your face is totally dry. It needs to be at least little bit wet, in order to achieve the best effect.



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