Beauty tips from French women

Beauty tips from French women

When it comes to beauty and elegance French women are one of the most competent women in the world.
They are always sophisticated, elegant, beautiful and still look natural. Now we will tell you what some of them had to say to women all around the world.

Face- If you take care of your skin, then it is already one of the biggest steps you can make when it comes to beauty. Clean and healthy skin is an important foundation for our makeup.
So remember to always remove your makeup before you go to sleep, and to use good cosmetic products for your face, and you will already be beautiful enough.
Makeup- When it comes to makeup French women think that less is more. They don’t think that it is good to highlight every part of your face, because it is simply too much.
That’s why for example when they wear lipstick they only apply mascara on their eyes, and on the other hand when they apply eye shadows they usually don’t put any lipstick or at least something that is not so striking.

Sun protection- French women do not think that tanning is necessary or important for anyone because they are more into natural, pale skin.
They see it as something more beautiful and natural than tanning, so their advice to you is to use something that will protect you from the sun and at the same time take care of your skin.
Hair care- Hair is one of the most important “accessorize” any woman can have according to French women.
They think that every woman should do whatever she can in order to achieve that softness and glow every hair should possess. 


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